CareNav was founded by patients for patients and we believe that everyone should have access to healthcare experts to help navigate and attain the best care for you.  Our scalable platform matches you with an experienced nurse for 1:1 virtual consultations, pre- and post-doctor's visit, to empower and facilitate your healthcare experience.  


Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder

Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder

CEO & Co-founder

CEO & Co-founder


Before we founded CareNav, we went on our own patient journeys.

Raissa Hacohen, CareNav's CEO, wrote a book about her own experience as a mother, caregiver, and patient in her book, Sugar: A Tale of Motherhood & Medicine. You can find it on Amazon. It was also turned into a podcast series, you can find it here for free on Acast. 

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For press, general inquiries, and investor information, please contact: info@carenav.co

If you are a patient, join our community here or contact us through the Patient community page. 

If you are a nurse, please contact CareNav through the Nurse community page and apply to join our community.