CareNav is a digital health solution offering patient navigation services. Our scalable platform matches patients with experienced nurses for 1:1 virtual consultations, pre- and post-doctor's visit, to empower and facilitate their healthcare experience.

CareNav was founded by families for families. 

We believe that healthcare should be comprehensive,  understandable and accessible to all. 

Our aim is to help families get the best healthcare possible.

Meet Some of Our Favorite Nurses: 

Our Vision

Were you ever in a hospital or doctor’s office talking to a doctor and you didn’t really understand what was going on? You weren’t sure what your treatment options were? Or you weren’t sure that the medical staff had a comprehensive picture of the actual issue? Were you ever left feeling that the physicians and staff had inadequate time to help you think through your options? 

We believe that patients should go into their doctors’ appointments empowered.

We provide a platform that connects patients to an independent network of patient navigators. On our marketplace platform, you can access one-on-one consultations with nurse specialists to cover all the layers of care around doctor/patient relationship. These consultations, offered pre- and post-doctor’s visit, aim to empower patients, increase their level of understanding, and help the patient and family get a comprehensive picture of their health condition and options for treatment. 

CareNav provides: 

  • accessibility for all patients
  • alignment with patients' and their families' needs and values  
  • independent platform that is health plan and medical insurance agnostic
  • network of experienced, highly skilled nurses across a variety of specialties
  • comprehensive, patient-centric care

We help navigate the health care process to get you the best care possible.